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Admin Web GUI Release
Posted by Christina Boyle, Last modified by Christina Boyle on 26 October 2017 02:38 PM

Admin Web GUI Release (form attached)

InterGlobe Communications’ Web GUI allows customers to immediately modify their phone set up without having to wait the standard 3-5 business days for a change order to complete. By authorizing the attached form, the customer agrees not to hold InterGlobe responsible for any changes made by the Admins listed therein.

For IPMAX™ Customers Only: Once the form is completed, go to:

http://help.nyigc.net/ip/   --> Public IP Address Notifier --> Enter in the email address and location (ie: work, home, Remote IT Office, etc.).


* Please note that you will only be able to access this site from inside your network.

** If you wish to access this from another location, you will have to repeat the steps listed above for each site (identifying it as work/home/etc) so the IP address can be whitelisted in our system. 

 admin web gui release (2).docx (40.93 KB)

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