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InterGlobe Tariffs
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InterGlobe Communications believes this to be an accurate electronic representation of its tariffs, which are officially filed at State Public Utility Commissions and the Federal Communications Commission. However, users of this electronic tariff library should note that the documents herein are not the official documents; users assume sole responsibility for any reliance on the tariffs in this library. InterGlobe bears no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of documents in its electronic library.

 FC_PSA_IXCI_060407_INTERGLOBE_CUR02.pdf (243.36 KB)
 FC_PSA_IXCR_060407_INTERGLOBE_CUR01.pdf (98.54 KB)
 NJ TRF ACCESS 7-01-17rev INTERGLOBE CUR02.pdf (437.64 KB)
 NJ TRF LOCALF 12 01 16 INTERGLOBE CUR01.pdf (823.28 KB)
 NY TRF ACCESS 1-1-16a INTERGLOBE CUR03.pdf (480.33 KB)
 NY TRF LOCALR 12-01-16a Interglobe CUR02.pdf (903.90 KB)
 PA TRF IXCR 05-03-05 INTERGLOBE CUR02.pdf (71.52 KB)
 PA TRF LOCALF 02 01 10rev INTERGLOBE CUR01.pdf (2.13 MB)

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